Preschool Classes 

Ages 18 months to 4 years

Ballet Babes 18m-3y
Ballet Blooms 3-4y

Magical ballet classes where children develop a love of dancing through music, movement and storytelling! Enchanting stories, beautiful music and nurturing teachers ignite the imaginations of little and big dancers alike. Building creativity, friendships, motor skills and confidence through a fun and friendly ballet class! 


For dancers under 3 years, this is the perfect activity to dance with and bond with their grown-up!

Story Time Ballet

Boogie Bops 18m-3y
Boogie Buds 3-4y

A great way to get kids moving and grooving! Boogie is our introduction to Street and Modern Jazz styles for preschool age children. This high-energy class is great for dancers who love to move to a strong beat and want to learn in a fun, exciting way.


Baby Boogie classes help develop coordination and flexibility as well as social skills and focus.

Boogie Bop

Tiny Taps 18m-3y
Twinkle Taps 3-4y

Tappy Toes is our super-fun tap class for little dancers aged 18 months to 4 years. Specially designed to introduce little feet to the tap steps that make big sounds, this class is perfect for little ones that love music and rhythm and want to let everyone else know about it.


Tappy Toes classes can help children learn about numbers, counting and rhythm! 

Tappy Toes

Junior Level Classes

Ages 4 to 12 years


Intermediate Level Classes

Ages 11 to 15 years



Dancers in our Junior Level ballet classes learn graded level ballet classes from Pre Primary level up to Grade 5 in the Royal Academy of Dance method.  The RAD is the gold standard when it comes to ballet education, providing a wonderful framework for children to learn at their own pace and in line with major developmental stages. You can rest assured that your dancer is in the best hands with the best-trained, knowledgable and nurturing ballet teachers.

In our classes, we blend the RAD syllabus with non-syllabus work to give our dancers the most fun, stimulating and inspirational experience in every class and ensuring they reach their ballet potential.


Born in America at the turn of the 20th Century, Tap Dance is an exciting, percussive dance style with a rich history. Dancers wear shoes with metal plates and use them as instruments, striking the floor to create melodies and rhythms.

Tap dancing gained popularity especially in the movie musicals in the Golden Age of Hollywood, and it a firm fixture of West End and Broadway musicals even now.

In our classes, dancers will be introduced to various different styles of tap from musical theatre to rhythm tap and have fun exploring rhythms, improvisation and different music styles.





Modern dance is the perfect style for dancers who have a lot of energy and love dancing to upbeat music. Modern is the fusion of classical jazz dance and contemporary dance with influences from musical theatre to Martha Graham. It's the perfect place to start for those interested in pursuing jazz or contemporary dance in the future. 

In our modern dance classes, dancers learn lyrical, commercial, contemporary and musical theatre jazz styles through strong technique, flexibility and strength with a focus on kicks, turns, leaps and lots of travelling steps.


To help our dancers stay physically, emotionally and mentally healthy and able to meet the challenges of their dance training, our conditioning classes give holistic support to growing and developing bodies to ensure they are dancing safely.

Conditioning classes feature a range of cross-training techniques to maximise strength, control, mobility and flexibility.

Strength, Flexibility & Conditioning


Digital Dance Studio


Due to the COVID-19 outbreak and subsequent guidelines to limit social contact we have opened our timetable to join classes online!

If you or your child are shielding, you can join fully accessible, interactive dance classes from the comfort of your own home! Dancers have the option to enrol in our in-person classes but attend online via zoom! Joining in our dance classes remotely will not only ensure dancers have loads of fun and stay active, but our online Dance Family members will also get access to our supportive community Facebook group, free online content, bonus mini-classes and activity packs for the children to support their dance learning. 

We know that in this uncertain time when our pupils might be isolated from their friends, neighbours and extended family, it's really important to be able to provide them with a sense of normalcy and routine as well as giving them a creative and energetic outlet. We also want to help our pupils to stay connected during any quarantine periods and help them not to feel so lonely!

The most important thing for us is to keep providing amazing dance classes for our pupils in these unusual and unprecedented circumstances! We can't wait to see them on screen and even more, can't wait until we are all back together in the studio again!

If you want to join our classes via Zoom rather than in-person, simply book a 3-week trial as normal via our timetable here, and select 'online' when asked which format of class you would prefer!

Not ready to join a live class in-person or via zoom? Why not check out our on-demand classes instead?

Adult Classes

Dance Class


New to our timetable we are offering two fun and friendly dance class styles for adults. 

Our adult classes are perfect for complete beginners or if you are returning to dance after a long break and want to refresh your skills.

In our adult beginners classes we will take you through the fundamentals of dance technique and form. These classes are gently paced but still challenging.

Join us for a great way to fit some Joyful Movement into you week!

Can't see a class style you want to try? Pop us an email to register your interest!

Dance Exams


Royal Academy of Dance

Ballet Exams

We are so excited to be able to offer our dancers the opportunity to take their ballet examinations and class awards with the Royal Academy of Dance!


We would normally recommend dancers who wish to take part in exams to attend at least two ballet classes per week (plus a Conditioning class) to really maximise their progression and achievement, but children attending classes once per week can still participate when their teacher feels they are ready.

Participation in exams and class awards is completely optional.



Modern Theatre Exams

Tap Exams

Musical Theatre

& Drama




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