Frequently Asked Questions

Which class group is the correct one for my child?

Our classes are initally grouped by age at the beginning of the academic year on 1st September - just like school. We prefer all children to try their taster class in their assigned age group and the teacher may then decide if a different class level may be more appropriate. If your dancer has already taken dance classes at a particular level or grade, please let us know when you enquire! Class groups are as follows: Preschool Classes: Parent & Child - 18m-3y Independ - 3-4y Junior Classes: Pre Primary - 4y - 6y Primary - 5y - 7y Grade 1 - 6y - 9y Grade 2 - 8y - 10y Grade 3 - 9y - 12y Grade 4 - 10y - 13y Grade 5 - 11y - 15y Senior Classes: Grades 6-8 - 11 - 13y Intermediate Foundation - 13 - 15y Intermediate - 15 - 18 y

What does my child need to wear for their taster class?

Comfy clothing that is easy to move around in such as T shirt and leggings are best for taster class. For ballet and jazz taster classes we advise being barefoot and for tap, well fitting, hard soled outdoor shoes that don't slip off the heels should be worn.

Where can a purchase dancewear and shoes?

A leotard is provided as a joining gift. Uniform items are also available to purchase via our online shop in our Members Area. If you would prefer to purchase your uniform elsewhere, please make sure that it is in the correct colours and styles and that you have bought it from a reputable dancewear brand or store. Please do not send your child to class wearing shoes purchased from supermarkets, fashion or sportswear stores.

Do you offer drop-in/pay-as-you-go classes?

Unfortunately we are not able to offer drop-in or pay as you go classes at this time. If you would like to try our classes you can book a 3 class trial.

How do we attend a taster class?

Taster classes must be booked in advance. Some classes may be full or have a waiting list for children to come an try. We would hate to disappoint anyone by turning them away at the door, so please do get in touch with us first to make sure we can book a taster class for you!

Can we try a class first?

If your child is interested in dance and the perfoming arts, just get in touch and we'd be delighted to invite them to try as many of our classes as they'd like! You can book a 3-week trial in as many class styles as you like. (Just be aware that for the time being children wishing to do 2 classes per week must attend combo classes to be able to join them both in-person. Otherwise dancers can attend one class in person an other online until Social Distancing measures are relaxed).

How does enrolment work?

When you enrol your child in a class, you are joining our Dance Family! Our enrollments are based on a yearly membership September - August and payments are made monthly by direct debit or card. Class timetables run termly in line with local school dates. More information about our enrolment and withdrawal process can be found in our enrolment agreements. A joining fee of £25 applies to all new joiners and includes a leotard as a joining gift.

What happens if my child misses a class?

We do not discount, credit or refund customers for missed classes. Missed lessons may be made up before the end of the current term, by booking into another days class online with available class places, via our Customer Portal.

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